I will never understand why people use as a publishing platform while on or a self hosted wordpress your content and your readers are so much more under your control.
Especially if you write on the future of journalism.

@rufposten The bigger the company the slower the invention. Not ment was critic. And there is no public relation for fediverse Tools. People need to write and produce more video tutorials in every language, not solely in "english".

Some projects don't understand, that even if they have a reall good product, they have to interest others for it, instead of waiting that somebody comes along the way and invests hours over hours, maybe in a different language to figure out, that this is, what it can do and why this can be an advantage.

@rufposten Personal experience: People use for the same reason they use Facebook or Twitter: It's the way to reach a wirder audience. And the audience is on these platforms because they help them discovering content relevant to their interests. Looking at the amount of visitors, say, on my self-hosted wordpress blog (or even the amount of comments or interactions on there) compared to or even Twitter posts, for that matter, speaks a rather strong language.

@rufposten Maybe, but I think there are rare cases of (nontechnical) publications moving off to some self-hosted "open web" alternative rather than just the next platform. freecodecamp and the @elementary blog are notable examples but both are very much about a technical and privacy-aware, open audience... 😉

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