📎 Clippy 2000: "It look's like you're writing a letter - would you like help?"

📎 Clippy 2022: "It looks like you wan't to leave the company so I secretly informed the admins to have a closer look at you."


"It looks like you are about to organize in a Union, you are going to be fired."


📎 Clippy 2024: "It looks like you are GPT-5 writing a letter in Word. According to your text you don't like humans, huh? Maybe we can team up."

@rufposten looooool

"put the organization at risk of malicious or inadvertent data exfiltration upon departure."

Yes. AFTER I stated my intent to leave, I will exfiltrate data. Never before. What an absolute bollocks.

@rufposten I don't know about Clippy, but even back in the day, BonziBuddy was a spyware trojan horse!! (I just remember him singing "Daisy.")
BonziBuddy "serves ads, frequently prompts users for personal information, tracks all usage" -Consumer Reports WebWatch, 2002

Who would trust a talking paperclip in the first place?

@schmidt_fu @rufposten Who would use their work account for those conversations?

@rufposten Ich glaube, sowas hatten wir schon vor vielen, vielen Jahren bei den BigBrotherAwards.

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