I wonder: If we required all programmers to use a slower device than their target for development would we see improved software? Limitations do breed creativity, after all.


@ndpi On Linux you can simulate a low-end CPU:

$ sudo apt install cpulimit
$ ps aux|grep Program
$ cpulimit -l30 -p<Program-PID>

Src: unix.stackexchange.com/questio

@sadmin certainly the tools are out there to do this, but I think the point is lost somewhat when you don’t have to adjust your own lifestyle or behavior at all. It’s like asking someone to be more conscientious about money when they’ve always had more than they needed and never thought about it before.

@ndpi When you integrate testing your code against cpulimit and others in your development workflow, I believe this would be a profit

@sadmin yeah, definitely an improvement over not doing so.

@sadmin @ndpi
Windows can also do a good approximation of an old and busted machine. Just let your grandparents have the computer for a weekend with adblocks disabled and let them click every random shit they want.

@machado @ndpi
That is when you optimize your program to run on infected systems. Tolerance to encrypted data files, user interface accepting inputs even when there's some blackmail screen on top, connections working through the busiest LAN adapters and such things.

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