I've put this on and it goes viral with 25k likes. thank me later, my inbox has 500 questions about and co.

Some help would be nice.


@a1ba @DeveloperMemes haha yes, the template is common sense for alternatives to a message from Patrick. And it's the scene with the stinky diapers everywhere.

@samsy @DeveloperMemes
Added 30 replies 😆 Think the buzz is slowing down there.


How can we help you? Need some neat descriptions of those softwares and the level of freedom it serves?


@deusfigendi it ends up in a lot of discussion about open source, decentralized tools, privacy focused and whatever, I thought putting it in here could lead people to this topic with the same or more knowledge than me.

@samsy @DeveloperMemes
Mastodon is a huge diaper pile
Linux (Kernel) is a huge diaper pile
Peertube is a huge diaper pile

Why should I move away from Reddit/YouTube if the alternatives are huge diaper piles?

@samsy @DeveloperMemes telegram is actually big tech corporation of evel, exactly like Facebook and other shit

@Supermegafedor @DeveloperMemes @samsy

Yeah, they're still for profit with zero business model besides ads. However they're not at the level of Facebook. I'd still use Telegram over Messenger. But I'd recommend Signal a thousand times before saying anything good about Telegram.

@dreeg @DeveloperMemes @samsy the safest option is to treat telegram in a same group as fb. Yes, it's more convenient, support custom clients and so on, but at the end its closed source proprietary centralized thing and there lots of cases when it gave users data not only to the government but to private individuals also.
Tg can be used as any other service but keep in mind the comrade major is listening
@samsy @DeveloperMemes
>Not big tech

Signal and Telegram are way better than things like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and iMessage because you can at least interact with them using free software clients, however they're still centralized services with proprietary or de-facto proprietary server implementations and almost certainly function as honeypots in certain jurisdictions.

Signal and Telegram are definitely big tech

@samsy @DeveloperMemes in fairness, it’s not that there are no alternatives, it’s that people don’t really use the alternatives, which sadly hurts them. Although all of the above are awesome and 100% useable for most people

@samsy @DeveloperMemes Just posted: Critical priority for the Quantum Indigo rebel alliance: Help bring the forces of Open Culture FOSS and Open Culture Artistic Creations together in order to create a more fair world for creators, artists and anyone who uses technology to create or distribute their works.

@samsy What you're doing here is very important but the Reddit responses are disappointing. It's also been difficult to get Artists onto Open Culture FOSS platforms but we're making progress.

@samsy @DeveloperMemes Most creative film makers, illustrators and musicians feel there is something wrong with the censorship and encroachment of centralised corporate controlled social networks but they've only been allowed to see part of the picture.

Trust us, most artists have never heard of Open Culture or FOSS.

FOSS is just a bunch of software stuff to them. They haven't realised why it's a crucial part of humanity's future.

@samsy @DeveloperMemes

Telegram kinda is big-tech though... Funded by a rich guy, not open source or secure with aggressive marketing that misleads people on its security.


It's kinda sad to see people in the comments of the post talk about Discord as if it was an alternative to "Big-Tech". The app contains Facebook trackers and it's not open source at all... The only redeeming thing about it is that its business model isn't advertising but that's still really far from being an alternative.

@samsy @DeveloperMemes

I see, mastodon, linux, [blank], own/nextcloud, [blank], and xxmp,signal,etc.

What are the two programs im missing?

@samsy @DeveloperMemes I would have a massive caveat with telegram. Would absolutely call that "big tech".

@ACABen @DeveloperMemes True, like others said, too. My intention to put Telegram in there was against WhatsApp.

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