I'm happy to introduce our new ultra-low tech CMS for smol, accessible websites. The goal was to make something that could be self-hosted, but friendly enough for people who don't SFTP or use a terminal. 3 PHP files, Apache, and Gemtext. Should work on any dumb old Apache host; a technical person could manage many of these for friends and family with zero maintenance. Happy to answer any questions or take bug reports.



@winduptoy Awesome little CMS ;) something to consider: if you replace all str_starts_with()/str_ends_with() with substr() in your gemtext.php/edit.php it would also work with PHP 7.x

@scops thank you! I will try to implement that. I've written very little PHP over the years so I'm still getting to grips with its rough edges.


@winduptoy i'm a fulltime/fullstack webdev with fokus on JS and PHP. If you have questions, i'm happy to help :)

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