What I did today

Not counting work, I was repairing one of my transceivers, a simple repair, the TH-9800 had some noisy fan which I disassembled, cleaned and now it's as new.
The TYT TH-9800 is an 6 band FM transceiver for 12,11,10, 6m, Airband, VHF and UHF transceiver with crossband functionality.

Means I can crossband from, say UHF to VHF, which is a nice thing to do to connect a small personal radio with my station, when I'm working in my garden for example or in the vicinity, up to 4km.

On the picture, where I was searching for a EMF pollution and jokingly put it on my cat Maia, you'll see the two "ears" of the pollution I called "the devil". Actually it was a cheap chinese wireless mouse, which was lying in a loading box and that I even didn't have connected to any computer. The sporadic massive emission on 11m band was hard to find due to this sporadic emissions and it stayed there even if I turned off the power of my house. Sure. Battery driven. ARGH!

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How to measure HF pollution

A simple diode detector for about 15€ should work to detect HF emissions.

A simple device for 100 kHz-1 GHz should be available for around 20€.

Or an active one like this:

Next step up is a Malachit for 70-300€ (depending on quality) and connecting a self-made directional antenna to it (easy).


Why is the human health factor less important?

Because for the EMF energy the human body is much too small for interaction or any energy loss. If there is interaction, it's mainly through heating effects.

But dirty electronics are destroying our infrastructure. „Why can't I get a connection with my smartphone?“ „Why is your WiFi so bad?“

The reason can be HF pollution. It is *not* about human health issues here, it is much more deadly than that: death of our infrastructure.

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Wireless pollution

I'm not talking about EMF health issues here, but real, practical apocalyptic level of HF band pollution:


Dirty, mostly Chinese, devices are closing our airbands and with that are strangling our modern infrastructure in an invisible way.

The CE-Sign, they say, stands for China Export, it never has seen a HF compliance test, what they deliver.

We have destroyed WiFi Cams, battery loaders, solar switches.

Do something for your environment.

We are living in a time of Neo-Puritanism

It is about twisted faith, the true believers are the real humans, the Übermensch, the others are dirty, faulty, Untermenschen that have to be segregated, bullied, forced, that will bring sickness and sin over the good one. The heretics to the stake!

It is about crooked faith, the fascism, the violence, the madness in politics, the apocalyptic world view (CO₂ madness, climate change) all this is just symptom.

We stop these fuckers or people get killed

Telegraphy is like ASM (by hand/Morse) or C (automatic modi RTTY, PSK31, FT8,…)

@iron_bug But Palina was the name I noted down and she never replied my confirmation request. So yes, possibly the daughter of a radio op who was very naughty in her dads shack. Hehe. I like that image. She must have filled that channel with a hundred people trying to make contact. Sounded a bit too young for that actually.
I was surprised that, when I called in, I was immediately taken up by her. For usually, from that distance it's hard to get through a wall of other voices, mostly screaming.

The disease in communication

It started with letters, that we had to hand to other people, who would be the medium of our speech, the right for free speech was in that moment compromised and it was getting worse and worse from that.

A free society can't remain free without this free speech and each and everybody corrupting it and putting himself in a MitM attack on that communication line is attacking someones freedom.

The only way is to take back the medium.

Why personal radio?

Communication is a human right. With telephone it started that the medium to communicate, the wire, belonged to a corporation, then the internet came and with social media not even the respect for your content is there anymore.

This is why the internet is bad. Not even this Mastodon server is a good thing, it doesn't belong to me. If we don't own our data, we will step for step be someones slave or underling.

No compromises. Take back the medium!

What happens, if there is a Blackout?

The book „Blackout“ is in German describing the scenario and after only a short time the social structures will collapse.

You want to see what happens?


HAM operators were still keeping in contact with the rest of the world during that time. Only them.

What is HamNet?


Radio Amateurs have built up a parallel structure for the internet, that is only relying on personal stations, with no infrastructure necessary. Even in the worst case scenario this will work and if not, we have a truly apocalyptic scenario.
Other than LoRa based networks this can mean that a single node is able to reach a node on the other end of the planet with nothing in between (in the worst case).

Everybody who knows me, knows I'm an outspoken, burning and proud Marxist and vehemently follow his ideology with not an inch of compromise.

„I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member.“ - Groucho Marx

Telegrafiekurs gestern: gut 12 wpm geschafft am Ende des Kurses, Prüfungsgeschwindigkeit. Von den sechs Teilnehmern sind jetzt, am dritten Abend gerade mal zwei Schüler übrig geblieben, ein Mädchen hat auf der Mitte der Strecke genug gehabt, ein anderer hat bereits nach der zweiten gegebenen Minute aus 12 5er Gruppen aufgegeben.
Bisher erst E0LVAQS, nächste Session kommt T2 dazu.

Der Morserino zeigt sich als hoch nützlich.

Today again telegraphy course in OV E13 here in Hamburg. I have been busy learning the last sessions characters to 15 wpm, which is around 90 characters per minute, if you'd type it on a keyboard.
It was of great help to learn on my modified Morserino-32 with the cource characters filled in, but the 250 kHz bandwith of LoRa showed only about 70m range. I will change that.

What happend today

Blackout, again my quarter of the city was black out. Rien ne vas plus. The blackout was for about ten minutes, not time enough to get my emergency system up running, but I was already on it, when the light went on again. This was the third time this year for me.

Do you think it will not be coming for you? Wrong. With this government we have voted for this. Or better: THEY have voted for this, I'm just sitting in the boat that is led by clowns.

And that's why radio is even more relevant than ever:

the ionosphere is net-neutral.

So, next I will talking about how to use radio waves to get what you want and which waves will provide you the communication you need.

So if you have control over your communication is isn't important what other people do, just what you do. You decide when and where to communicate and what to communicate. Every interference is in effect an attack on your human rights.
So, what's radio? It's the way of world wide communication from a person with any other without a middleman, without someone who could interfere with this. You decide where and when and what to communicate.
No smartphon, no social media will provide this.

Why still radio?

We all share the one way or the other the experience that communication breaks down, either we lost the telephone number of a dear friend or his address or a social media broke down and we lost contact to friends we were talking with for years.

This is not all the category "granted" communication. If someone else desides over the people you like to talk with or not. The lost number is just a lost link, it is not interference of other people.

Mein Tor zur Welt.

Die Geräte sind mit meinen Computern verknüpft und auch für Datenübertragung ausgestattet.

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