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Openstreetmap is reaching the point that it is just more information rich and beautiful than google maps and that is awesome

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Ein #Witz:

Warum ist der Magnet männlich?

Wäre er weiblich, wüsste er nicht was er anziehen soll

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i just hired a VPA... let's see where this takes us...

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Short reminder to **NEVER** reuse passwords, especially not for important accounts.

One of my accounts got hacked, because I logged into it from school (it was an account made specially for school).
Luckily the password wasn't used anywhere else. The email was used somewhere else but was not my "personal email" but rather a business and real life matters (like applying for jobs and such) email.

Also reminder to never trust any systems you do not own. Treat anything you don't know as compromised.

When I initially saw how IT matters are handled there I had a suspicion anyway. I refrained from connecting to the Wi-Fi. Also because everything is bigtime layman DIY.

My paranoid view of security was encouraged once again.
This has one good thing though, I'm more motivated to practice even better IT security.

That's it for today.
Also a little freebie for people that made it this far. I accidentally sent half an email to a customer today, it stopped mid sentence because I fat fingered CTRL+Enter. There was no confirmation prompt.

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Getting deplatformed from Apple. “Your account has been permanently disabled. There is nothing else you can do, there is no escalation path.”

Man, if "Save us Tim Cook, you are our only hope!" is the only way of fixing this, I'm glad I bailed a few years ago.

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Guter Artikel aus der taz, auf den mich mein Bro aufmerksam machte:

Asymetrische Berichterstattung:

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Im Frühverkehr sind 100 Personen entweder in 1 Straßenbahn oder 1 Gelenkbus oder 87 Autos unterwegs. Mehr #Öffis, weniger Staus und mehr Platz in den Städten für Grünflächen. #Hitze #Klimakrise


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So, noch ein Task heute. Ab Samstag solltet Ihr dann Camping- und See-Content von mir bekommen 🙂

So, die Wohnung ist durchgelüftet und runter gekühlt. Bring it on! Sommerhitze!

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[en] #Diffu is a Free Software allowing authors to publish all kinds of texts or articles and to aggregate the reactions they generate on social networks, especially through #ActivityPub such as #Mastodon, #PeerTube, #Pleroma, #PixelFed, #Funkwhale, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial ...

Diffu is a kind of free and federated alternative to #Medium or other applications that are not always easy to install.

To develop it, we launch a crowdfunding campaign

ReToot are welcome 😉 !

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Twitter ist kaputt. Gäbe es doch nur eine coole, dezentrale, freie Alternative dazu.

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