You know, not trying to be negative or anything but it seems like the Mastodon signup rate has seriously plummeted. And why is the main instance still not accepting new accounts??

Capitalism: A system where Nintendo doesn't supply enough for stores to stock and everyone blames the people who sell them on eBay at high prices.

Like, you know what shapes opinion on shit? The media. If every damn news story about Mastodon is "omg this sucks, no one will use it," then guess what? No one's gonna use it.

It's fun watching everyone try and explain why Mastodon will fail.

Like for some reason it's a bad thing to support a startup.

I remember struggling to say "tweet" in casual conversation without feeling like a pud, I have a sneaking suspicion "toot" will take even longer.

Prediction: The decentralization and myriad servers will make account verification (and preventing fake accounts) very difficult.

Hey here's a question for y'all: How many of you are gonna stick with the instance you're currently on and how many are gonna hop to the main one once registration re-opens?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a-okay with the Mastodon train here and all, more than anything I just worry that the somewhat complicated nature of a decentralized social network will mean not as many people join up.

I'm definitely glad for the longer text space. My toots are always far more voluminous than my tweets.


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