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I hope y'all will buy and enjoy reading it. Thanks.

Hey tooters..check out my friend's latest book that was released earlier today. social.tchncs.de/media/-Jhf8Fa

WhatsApp is down and the world is losing its sh*t. 😅

Have to say Firefox Quantum :firefox: is a nice substitute for Google Chrome. Good speed. Awesome extensions. Coupled with Duck Duck Go, you're set.

How do I find these Custom Made emojis, anyone?

Hi ya'll. Does anybody know if there are any Sports related Instances on mastodon? I'd be very glad if anybody knows anything. Thanks! :)

So I installed some Add Ons on my Firefox Quantum browser and logged into Instagram and boy wasn't I amazed to see how many trackers that shitty website has lol

So I'm on Words With Friends. What a fun game.

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Just remembered that Man United ruined my entire week.

Oh scratch that, actually 2 weeks 'cause of International Break. 😭😭😭

So no Kevin Spacey in House of Cards anymore. That show just lost its star. (don't get me wrong I'm not defending him at all that predator) It's just he's a fine actor and House of Cards was a good show.

Had enough of Twitter. So I thought I should give vent to my feelings here. It's a really sad feeling. 8 point gap from the top. Damn!

Absolutely distraught. Chelsea beat United 1-0. Feel like crying.

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The Federated Timeline is kind of the combination of both for all users of your instance. So it contains all (public/listed) toots (+ boosts) of users and the onses the instance's users are following. So to say it's everything public the instances knows of.

The bigger and more connective the users of an instance are, the more populated is the Federated timeline.