I'm new here and I'm defo gonna need some assistance.

@sumomi Thank you so much. Is that a pineapple? I love pineapples. (so long they're not a 🍕) 😀

@sparky8 yep, it's a pineapple. back when I started here, people virtually handed them over - seemed to be a thing. however there are many other tasty things ^-^.


@sumomi Can I ask you few queries related to Mastodon?

@sparky8 sure - go ahead. As long as you don't have questions regarding self-hosting instances or the technical background I can try to help.

@sumomi First is about the various Timelines. I can see Home, Local and Federation. what's that about?

Mastodon is a decentralized social network with tons of instances hosted arround the world.

Every instance has its unique set of users with their toots and whom they follow. All toots of your instance's users are shown in the Local Timeline. While all toots of people you follow are shown in the Home timeline (this is the timeline mostly resembles the original twitter one).


The Federated Timeline is kind of the combination of both for all users of your instance. So it contains all (public/listed) toots (+ boosts) of users and the onses the instance's users are following. So to say it's everything public the instances knows of.

The bigger and more connective the users of an instance are, the more populated is the Federated timeline.


@sumomi Tysm. :) That helps. and what's a fediverse? a combo federation universe?

@sparky8 hmm.. Im not totally sure what you mean with combo federation universe - but probably the right.

The feediverse is kind of the sum of all instances. Like each instance seen as a planet and you're living/moving on one instance but be aware that there's more actively hop between instances or know how to find your way arround.

@sumomi No problem. I'm not gonna go all Grammar-Nazi on you. 😁

@sumomi I see. What I meant was Fediverse is like a Twitterverse. idk.

@sparky8 guess that's a good comparisson, with mastodon having the advantages of a multiple of twitters from different companies playing (more or less) well together.

@sparky8 ah ^-^ and don't forget to add a tag like mastodon for other to jump in for help as well

@sparky8 yes :)

I tend to forget tagging myself, however tagging is one of the best ways to discover exciting toots as you can only search for users and tags.

Ah, and regarding the search: keep in mind that you can only find the things your instance knows of.

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