my weekly tuesday morning grocery delivery was cancelled because of the snow. like what is a good thing about snow besides giving dogs and males a fresh place to piss?

was complaining to andy that i'm all out of almond milk and so i can't have MY COFFEE and he v kindly reminded me that i own a high speed blender and a wide variety of nuts! i wrote "milk" on my hand to remind me before i get upset again about it

of course the only raw nuts i have are cashews, so we'll see how that goes. andy said he looks forward to my live laugh blog about this lmao

@stonith @jenn (this isn't followed by an implicit "ya dingus", sorry if it reads that way. I just find it surprising how simple it is)

@jeffcutsinger @stonith

* 1 cup of cashews soaked overnight in water
* rinse the soaked cashews v well.
* add to high speed blender with 4 cups clean water, a pinch of salt, a couple of tbsp sweetener (i use maple syrup), and a splash of vanilla extract extract
* blend for a couple of minutes

if the blender isn’t powerful enough and you are left with pulp, strain through a cheesecloth or mesh bag

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