Erinnerung an meine letzte Frankreich-Reise in meinem Blog: Belle-Ile-en-Mer – Auf Claude Monet’s Spuren

@suitbertmonz Your div id is correct for comments: "#comments", I checked your site.
What give results if you search for "" with your account on Mastodon?

@tom79 The only post I do find is the original one:
But there are a lot of answers to that post. I expected those to be shown under the WP blog post!?

@suitbertmonz I found the bug. I tested with your URL and I get comments. I will publish the fix asap.

@suitbertmonz OK. It's published (1.0.8), let me know if it works for you now.

@tom79 Hello Tom, well, yes it works! Comments are being added now. But I had to open WP on free commenting, no check by the admin first.
It seems to become two different types of comments: those done by your plugin and those done by the wp-system!? Have a look at this post:

@suitbertmonz yes, it's two separated ways to display comments because users don't exist in your database. I might allow more customisation in next releases. But I will need some feedback.

@tom79 OK, fine, please let me know, if you have something to get tested!

I will improve the plugin with a simple way to display comments in several places of the page. Thanks for testing.

@suitbertmonz Also, you can still keep comments disabled from WP but you need to find another div Id to inject Mastodon comments.

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