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♲ @Christopher Allan Webber ( ActivityPub is a real standard now! is a W3C Recommendation! Yes! At last! Finally!

Let your social networks be free!

ActivityPub was basically 3 years of my life, and there were points were I wasn't sure if the time and energy I was spending on it was worth it. I'm sure it was today. Thank you everyone who participated in the standards process, have implemented... or are going to implement! You made it all worth it!
#activitypub #w3c #decentralized #protocol #federated #mastodon #peertube
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Falls hier jemand rein zufällig im er Raum / Umland einen kennt, der gerne die Patenschaft für einen Jung-Imker übernehmen könnte...☝️🐝

Ich nehme sachdienliche Hinweise gerne entgegen 😉

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Today is . It you are not using them already, today is a great day to try: the app for messaging, /#Matomo for tracking, and for file sharing across your devices. 🤓 👍

copying a CD to harddrive is slower than downloading files of the internet 🤔

second this recommendation by @johnreppion - very interesting video - physically, philosophically and of course concering music as art - performing art ...

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What is the slowest music humanly possible? via

it's only barely correlated but it reminds me of the "that" sentence I just read some days ago about in Dr. Bopps Blog:

just an /via @likecroft

After 13 years of working well - the last years by using a canned Windows XP - my scanner finally died.

I am sad, especially as nowadays scanners don't seem to be a product for consumers anymore. Of course, you get tons of cheap multi-function-all-purpose-printer-scanner-thingies but the number of slim flatbed scanners is countable.

my bet is: they won't be around for as long as my old one was. But who nows, maybe paper will be obsolete soon, so that I don't have to scan 🤔 justkiddin

der Google Algorithmus hat mir dafür einen Blick in die Vergangenheit als Zukunft einer noch ferneren Vergangenheit gewährt: "Richtung 2000" produziert 1972 - vom Prinzip ist es manchmal gar nicht so weit daneben ... (oder besser gesagt, mein Gehirn biegt es sich passend 😋)

heute Reclams "Texte zur Theorie des Internets" [1] in der Hand gehabt. Irgendwie surreal einen solchen Titel als Reclam-"Heft" (ist schon etwas dicker) zu sehen.

Diverse große Namen über die technische, gesellschaftliche, politische, ökonomische, philosophische Sicht - klang auf den ersten Blick spannend. Auf den zweiten musste ich an ein Teaser-Buch denken. Und fast alles zweitverwertet.


about the "phenomenon" of a Blue Moon 🌕 which will occur, simultaneously with a lunar eclipse and a super moon, on January 31 [1]

you will be able to observe the lunar eclipse in Asia, Australia, Pacific and western North America [2]

[1] Blue Moon = 2. full moon of a month


in case you didn't read or heard of it before, the critical CSRF vulnerability in phpmyadmin is patched, so please update


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@Antanicus @josemurilo
thought it really needs a different solution to centralized owned #searchengines. They are suggesting to let you 'neutral' disover content, but that's just false.
Some sort of p2p based system would be great.
There is #yacy doing that. But haven't yet played with it.

does anyone know of projects regarding the indexing of the web? I am sooo unsatisified with available commercial indexes.

I remember some weeks ago someone pointing out a decentralized project - what was it again?

ein Fussel sich in der Optik der Maus verfängt

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Welche deutschsprachigen Medien sind denn auf Mastodon? Wie findet man das am besten raus?

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Bisher die erste #Mastodon-App, die sich sauber in iOS integriert. #Mustor

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Das Barcamp Bonn wird super! 23.+24.02.2018 in der Hochschule Bonn/Rhein-Sieg. #bcbn18

@maiki whatever works - although a plugin would be easier to maintain I guess. cookieless, the one I found didn't seem to work.

By the way - if anyone of you knows a way how to disable ' comment cookies in an easy way, please let me know :o).

Of course I could dig into the code but to be honest it's been aprox. 8 years since I stopped web developing and I'm not sure whether with all those frameworks I am still capable of understanding what's going on.