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Eine kleine Übersicht der wichtigsten Links zum 34C3
Updated: #34C3 Link Sammlung 27.12.-30.12.2017
* Schedule -
* Self organized Sessions -
* FSFE Sessions -
* Social Networking „The Federation“ -
* Lightning Talks -
* Talk Guide
* Event Blog -
* Interaktiver Lageplan
* Live Streaming -
* Zum Nachschauen -
* Ticketexchange. Wer noch ein Ticket sucht oder abzugeben hat -

watched too much "Good morning call" (very cute netflix show) - when wanting to answer "what a relief" the first that came to my mind was よかった (yukatta).

das klingt spannend: Im Deutschlandfunk wird heute um 15:35 Uhr im Medienmagazin medias res über die vergessenen Themen 2017 berichtet.



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Eine Nachricht aus den föderierten Netzwerken an euch:

"The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed yet"
(William Gibson)

#Friendica #Hubzilla #Diaspora #GNUsocial #Mastodon #postActive und so viele andere. Bleibt neugierig.

two weeks of holidays ahead - full fridge and no obligations😻

awoooooosome :)

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Hello all! I am an assistant prof. of computer science interested in data analysis and mining, computational geometry, computer game design and prototyping. I am working in Hacettepe University, Turkey. I wanted to give mastodon a try and hope to find a trusted medium for sharing my thoughts and collaborating with people. So, I really hope that this works :)

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Surveillance Self-Defense | Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications by EFF

figuring out how the list-feature [1] works?

* Getting started > Lists to create a new list. Open list, click on settings button > Edit list. From there you can search for those you're following and add them to the list.

Important information listed on [1]:
* Lists are private to their creator
* Only people you follow can be added to your lists
* If a follow stops existing, their list membership also stops existing


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has anyone here ever enrolled in or is currently enrolled in a graduate level #creativewriting program?
would you be willing and able to answer a few questions about your experience, if so?

#writing #university #school #phd #mfa #ma #nonfiction #fiction

a fast paced world where you can't afford to diggest information slowly to grow knowledge - but we have to keep up ...


although it isn't a straight association I just had to think of
In Time

I always liked to discover new tools by going through Jane Hart's Top 200 Tools for Learning [1].
That's were I stumbled on today.

The concept of this service is the extraction of the essential facts and information of bestselling non-fiction books. Therefore using blinklist could be seen as a "you don't have to read the books" service... or to put it otherways quicker, faster, know it all.

While I see the benefits here I kinda mourn the reasons why you might want this.

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Wegen zu intensiver Mastodonlektüre in die falsche Bahn gestiegen. Fröhlichen Feierabend!
Übrigens...neu hier. Juten Tach. ;)

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btw i realized that i (and many others) use hashtags quite rarely ... i i shall to use them more (seriously).

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@buttros you can just follow people from other instances by searching them via @username@instancename .

In order to discover people you might take into public timelines of instances using

Or use hashtags to find people with common interests.

You can also search via to find people.

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