@nitrokey There is a little typo in the description on your website: For NIST is says “P-521” and “prime521v1”. That should be “512”, shouldn’t it?

@gcrkrause It has replaced qutebrowser as my default browser—though I still use qutebrowser for work.

Deep-cleaning the .

I wonder if the is easier to clean, having a more open case?

$ swaymsg input type:keyboard xkb_layout de
$ swaymsg input type:keyboard xkb_variant bone

Good news: the package for got moved to [community].

@gdr Oh, I hate these location based restrictions on the web …

Try Germany, that should work.

@gdr A few years ago I found qobuz.com—mostly for highres but it can also be used to discover music.

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Amfora is in the official Arch repos now, this is so exciting! If you installed it through AUR make sure to make the switch.


The development on is pretty slow but I made good progress today. We get closer to finishing version 3!

The (manual) update of to version 20 took me half an hour and worked without issues. The new dashboard is nice 👍

@DU_HW_IO @kuketzblog Eigentlich schon mit 7.20, das aber nicht auf alle Boxen ausgerollt wurde.

As the kernels are provided by a TU, I removed them from :

The one remaining package has been moved to which makes the audio repo obsolete.


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