What's the easiest and most upgrade-resistent way to add custom CSS to a #BigBlueButton's #Greenlight interface?

Thanks for any hints! #followerpower

cc @hostsharing

@mxmehl @hostsharing define changes via configuration management and test them after every update.You can also try to do this by forking greenlight and keep the changes in a branch an merge updates into that branch. I'd prefer config manegement.

@mxmehl @hostsharing any software, like e.g. ansible. There are modules like template or lineinfile which help you change configuration files based on their content. Have you heard of ansible?

@senfcall @hostsharing Yes, sure, I just thought you meant a special conf system for BBB.

Where would you recommend to make CSS changes in Greenlight then? Do you mount the CSS directory of the GL docker container as a volume to persist the changed scss files, or would you rather add a custom CSS file in /var/www/... and change the template somewhere?

Sorry for the naïve questions, BBB is rather new to me


@hostsharing @mxmehl @senfcall Thanks for the recommendation @hostsharing. Just drop me a message if you need any further help 🙂

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