@eff I dream of a federated publishing platform with some sort of reputation system for peer-reviews.

Does somebody know about some efforts into this direction?

@t0k Not federated ones (and I don't expect federation to make a significant difference here) pop up once in a while, but the reputational investment required to make one actually successful never seems to materialize. :\

If you want I can dig up the most recent one I know of next time I'm at my computer.


@timorl @eff I suspect it is difficult to reach a critical mass :/ Maybe needs some strong leaders pushing. But I feel that many are locked in the old system. A publication in a famous journal potentially gives you money, a publication on some no-name federated platform gives you none.

Yes, I'm curious about a hint 😄.

I found 'HERD' but it looks inactive.

I was thinking of researchers.one/ . Doesn't seem completely dead, so maybe there is hope for it still?

I totally agree with the analysis of the problem you presented, it's a really hard to solve coordination problem.


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