gives an idea why paid so much for Github. They were after data: Tons of food for their AI, millions of contributors that now 'work' for MS for free.
You publish your code under GPLv3, even AGPLv3? So what? The AI learns from your code and uses it to generate code that is possibly proprietary. Does forbid this practice? (I don't think so)

That's the M$ way to break copyright law.

It's time for alternatives like @codeberg .

@t0k Is there anything that could stop MS from cloning random repos from the web and feed it's AI with that? Nope. That does not sound like a reasonable reason on why they bought GitHub.
Also, that's a bit like claiming that all code that I will write in my life is GPL if I learned to write code from looking at GPL code.


@Alexmitter Of course plain code was not the only reason for the acquisition but next to the millions of "produsers" and future lock-in effects a very valuable asset.

@t0k Its just one of many git frontends, you make it sound like its more of a deal then it really is.

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