I wrote a medium size program for chip design and released it under the . In this field the world is moving towards cloud services.

Now a research group wants to contribute. Google promises to pay them - but only if I change the licence to something else. Google does not like the APGL. If I don't change the licence a group of students will rewrite the tool. (Likely under a permissive licence.)

What would you do?


Something else: adopt the #HackingLicense tesio.it/documents/HACK.txt

As an alternative, stay with #AGPLv3.

The choice is:

- let #Google exploit your work as #FreeLabour, or
- force Google to pay to compete with you but starting from scratch

Never let the bully get what they want.


@Shamar The hacking licence is not an easy option in this case because I use a third-party GPLv3 library.

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