If you're new to Session, check out this comprehensive 30 minute walk-through of all the unique features that make Session a hardcore private messaging app.

Check it out here:



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Session 101: Open Groups.

You can test Session straight out of the box by navigating to one of our Open Groups and chatting to some of the thousands of members!

Check it out 👇


🐦🔗: twitter.com/session_app/status

It's here: a comprehensive video guide for Session.

This video will allow you to unlock Sessions superpowers and take total control of your privacy — check it out 👇



If you're having trouble enabling or using voice and video calls, here's an in-depth guide!

Stamp Collecting.

Skipping Stones.

Extreme Scrapbooking.

Whatever your interests are — your community needs a place to connect. Session Open Groups can be that place.

Here's a setup tutorial for creating a digital home for your community 👇


Voice and video calls are rolling out to ALL users shortly, as the beta for our calls feature goes public.

This marks the final stage before our full release of HQ onion-routed calling — a world-first for a messaging app.

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39 zivilgesellschaftliche Organisationen warnen die EU-Kommission vor dem geplanten Gesetz für Kinderpornografie-Scans und einem Angriff auf Verschlüsselung.
Chatkontrolle: Bürgerrechtler laufen Sturm gegen EU-weite Massenüberwachung

Am 30. März 2022 will die EU-Kommission einen zweiten Gesetzentwurf vorlegen, der alle Anbieter von E-Mail-, Messaging- und Chatdiensten zur flächendeckenden und verdachtslosen Durchsuchung privater Nachrichten zwingen soll.

Was man dagegen tun kann: chatkontrolle.de/

Session is a hardcore private messaging app.

That can be a little intimidating at first for some people — so here's a quick-start guide to get you moving.

Stay safe. Stay secure. #GetSession.


Great news! Cryptomator is now finally available on Flathub as a Flatpak app. 🎉 Huge thanks to Ralph Plawetzki for his amazing contribution, which pushed this big effort across the finish line. 🚀


On top of that, utilising @Lokinet_org@twitter.com and the #OxenNetwork means that we will soon be capable of onion-routing high quality voice and video calls, something which was previously impossible.

Our mission is to revolutionise private messaging — and that's what we're doing.


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Session has totally anonymous sign-up, and onion-routes your messages through a sybil-resistant, community-owned network. This means:

- It's impossible to watch the whole network 🕵️🚫
- We can't collect any metadata 💾🚫
- Sender and recipient are both totally anonymous 🥸✅


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Onion-routing 🧅 means that your data is encrypted in layers, and routed through several servers within a decentralised network.

If one server knows where the data came from, it doesn't know where the data is going — and vice versa.


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Typically, message data travels from your device, to a central server, to the recipients device.

In this scenario, the path of your data can be traced by anyone who is watching the network, and whoever owns the server can collect metadata 🕵️

We wanted to improve on that.


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To take your privacy to the next level, Session onion-routes all of your data.

But what does that mean exactly? And why is Session the only private messaging app that can onion-route high quality voice and video calls?

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Session is decentralised.

That means it's hardened against censorship and surveillance but it also means we don't run the infrastructure — our community does.

Session is by the people, for the people.



CTemplar Android and iOS apps both use end-to-end #encryption, full #anonymity, and zero data access, along with #opensource code and a simple-to-use interface. Try them out today and start protecting your data.


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