@anish@vis.social @jalcine This chore is something I've been thinking about lately. It really is a PIA to run apps on your server. The installation, configuration, and maintenance quickly gets out of hand if you install more than a few apps.

Yet I can install and use apps on my phone so easily. What is it about server-side apps that are so hard?

Currently I'm toying with writing a server-side application runner that makes it easy to write, distribute, and securely run socially-aware server-side apps🤔

@teleclimber @anish there's Sandstorm for this. It's a bit big feeling but it does a nice job and has a market.

I like sysadm stuff so I use Dokku + some other stuff


@jalcine @anish@vis.social Sandstorm is good and I was a backer when they were on kickstarter. But indeed it's big, and the app-development cycle is not very advantageous. They also have unfortunate limitations wrt web publishing (like static pages only). My experience trying to use apps on there was lackluster. Apps converted to Sandstorm often had glitches and were several versions behind their original sources. (this was a couple of years ago, maybe it's better now)

@jalcine @anish@vis.social I'm thinking of something more web-native. Something closer in experience to the so-called "serverless" platforms. Just write a bit of JS, connect to storage API, send a response, bam.

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