i saw a toot about it elsewhere but i can’t find it so: basically don’t trust mastodon for things you want to stay Actually Private. instance admins can read DMs, and instance admins can read the private posts of anyone their users follow. this is sort of inherent to the current architecture. and for all twitter’s sins, i trust the admins to not leak random people’s DMs more than i trust every instance admin ever.


@hierarchon yeah this is an unfortunate consequence of federated systems.

It's easier to be anonymous in a large crowd. I don't expect that any engineer at goog is interested in my emails specifically. And in large corps there are safeguards against illicit access.

But in an instance of a federated system, you are one of few users (relatively speaking) and there is just one admin and they have root access.

It's fine for public social networks, but for private stuff... 🙅‍♂️

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