ah yes, nulled.red, the premiere Nazi instance

sometimes I like to imagine an alternate reality where gamergate and the other twitter shitshow didn't happen and Pleroma would have been a diaspora reimplementation instead. it's a nicer, less stupid reality.

psst: as we've been warning for a long time the actual Nazis are here and blending in because y'all don't have your eye on the ball. they've invaded several Pleroma and GS instances and have been repelled, settling on a handful of "free speech" instances.

but glad to see nulled.red is the problem.
I maintain that the average Mastodon admin wouldn't know an actual nazi if one sieg-heiled them in the face
by the way, shoutout to gargron for implementing hair-triggered reporting system which is what enables this crap. i warned that implementing reports in the facebook style would result in more strife and zero changes to the amount of actual problems being found and removed a year ago. nobody cared!
imagine a reality where the "anti-abuse" tools are themselves abused to create strife and drama. that's the reality we live in ;)

@kaniini Abusers will use any and all tools you give them. Including and especially anti-abuse tools. Always gotta think like a Black Mirror writer before implementing anything on social media.

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