I got this wacky idea during a sleepless night that the web platform should not be a platform at all, it should be more like a shell.

So instead of having web browsers baked with all the tech of the platform, it should just be a small utility that offers low-level APIs for painting on the screen, showing text, emitting sounds, etc... and the ability to load WASM modules that can leverage these APIs.

"web pages" specify the WASM module they want to use and provide the data for them.

The problem we have now is we have high-level standards and APIS that try to respond to every need possible, and the result is it's all very bloated and you end up with Chromium-rules-all kind of situation.

If we had lower-level APIs and plug-ins to bridge the gap between the low-level stuff and the higher level page language, we would be able to innovate faster, and be more responsive to user needs.

WASM makes this possible (maybe).


Some advantages:

- A simple text-only page would render to the screen using only a small amount of RAM, because all the other stuff need not be present at all, anywhere.

- typical documents would leverage widely-used (and hence lcally-cached) modules, while heavy applications would ship their own WASM modules, such that you do not need for the platform to do everything for everybody.

- Imagine the convenience of Electron but without installing an application, and with reasonable RAM usage.

No, I do not know how any of this would actually work. I need a few more sleepless nights. OK a lot more.

@teleclimber I wonder what if WASM combined with Javascript/npm, or rather replaced it...

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