I want to create an app of some sort for this style of journal. My thoughts only make sense when ordered by time, so all hierarchical note taking apps always fail for me.

Like where does a link about go as it applies to one project live? The "go lang" folder or the project folder. And I sure as heck don't want to think about that when I write the note.

Give me a time series of my notes and a good search function with tags.

Writefreely have that kind of feature so if you find an app in your mobile that allow you to connect to that kind of instances, I think you will have your prpblem solved. I have and account in personaljournal.ca and it works. You use markdown and have a css feature to do a small customization! :blobcatcoffee:


@Jayrive interesting thanks. I can't find anything about such a feature in their website. Is this documented somewhere?

Well, when you create your blog, in the customization options offer the notebook mode that order the psot by date, the newest first

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