I wish I could quote-boost because that last one is very close the vision I have that is driving my current project (unannounced).

@teleclimber ooh!

I would really like a nice home server that is more than just 'Samba plus Apache plus some WiFi router stuff plus...'

Like I want a single, unified...
storage and computing fabric of some kind of lightweight function-y or object-y things. Where that fabric is like a filesystem so you can copy any part of it anywhere, but it also computes. And then it's all just a matter of having dumb server boxes you can plug in anywhere.

I wish I knew what I meant by that, is the problem.

@natecull well I don't know if I'm making is a "storage and computing fabric". In fact pretty sure it's not. For one thing my sewing skills are even worse than my programming skills.

Having said that, portability of your application and data from one server to another is an important trait that I am building in. So there's that.

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