Just read this piece on protocols: knightcolumbia.org/content/pro

.. And the hn discussion and followed some links.

Some takeaways:
- if you great an open protocol, don't expect it to survive if users don't know there using the protocol. Ex: email versus jabber/XMPP.
- protocols get run over by platform due to lack of funds. What causes people to invest in a protocol? And if they don't, h ow do you keep up with funded platforms?



- it's the first time I hear of an application for Bitcoin technology that is actually interesting to me.
- article was a bit "hand-wavy" and unconvincing wrt users controlling their data but putting an encrypted blob in the cloud.
- I am quite concerned about the filter bubble problem, but I am afraid it's a societal problem, and needs resolution at that level
- I agree we should put more effort in protocols than in applications. There is lots that can be done here.

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