@teleclimber Have you tried Notability? It's not open source like you wanted it to be - but it's the most performant and easy to use digital writing tool I know. I surely tried OneNote - but it's much to slow in my opinion. On my Mac it's just stuttering while typing, on the iPad it crashes while handwriting... Notability does everything fine. But it's (at the moment) not cross plattform.

@nerdosoph it looks pretty neat but I would like it cross platform, and open source.

I'm happy (apart from the fact it's also closed and single platform) with Squid for scribbling sketches of ideas (didn't talk about it in the blog, might do a follow-up on tablet sketching stuff)


@teleclimber Well - Squid seems to be Android only. And there's a subscription, which is a clear no-go. I'm happy to buy and use software - and have payed updates. But subscriptions? No way. 😂
It seems, a privacy friendly, cross plattform, open source, note app is yet to be made. (Kickstarter anyone? 😎)

@nerdosoph yeah it's Android only, but I've been fine without a subscription.

@teleclimber well - Android fails me, every time I try to use ist. 🤷‍♂️

@teleclimber Check out Joplin. It's open source and cross platform. You just have to handle sync'ing yourself (using something like Syncthing works great though).

@ryandaniels that looks pretty ok. But I'm kind of over the whole notebook+notes organizational paradigm.

@teleclimber Paper doesn't obsolete.

See also: org-mode, LaTeX, VimWiki. Stuff that's fully under your control.

@dredmorbius I'd rather avoid taking notes on a medium that demands that my coding brain is engaged. Markdown, org mode etc.. all require some syntax and I don't want to put up with that if I'm not actually writing a computer program.

@teleclimber My *first* preferred medium is index cards.

After that ... I write enough Markdown (note: even in Mastodon toots) that it's exceedingly low impedence.

There's also the option of capturing-first / marking-up later.

There's someone who's come up with a truly impressive and/or twisted method for writing LaTeX notes of maths lectures *at the pace of instruction*. So ... such things are possible.

I've found online services far more bother than they're worth, for reasons you state.

@dredmorbius yes I think I should give in to markdown. I use it enough for blogging. I still don't like switching from "edit" view to "rendered" view (waste of time and frustrating) but for notes it's probably ok.

Completely agree that index cards / hand notes are unmatched in many ways.

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