Just read: The rise of community-owned monopolies

Thought provoking piece for anyone working on open source.

lol @alcinnz I was about to come ask if you had seen this but then I saw it was you who boosted it.

@teleclimber Very interesting!

My perspective in reading this comes from my efforts in developing an alternative (auditory) browser engine. And while browser engines might be doing more to preserve backwards compatibility I find them more susceptable to reinforcing their monopolies. Even with the presence of a standards body!

Alternatives are important, even if the organization(s) are community-owned. Wonder how that could be marketted better?

@alcinnz community run projects need to be noticeably better (from the user's perspective) than the others. Then marketing is a while lot easier.

The problem is that the community oss organizational model and its ethos do not inherently create better products, at least not for regular users.

@teleclimber The central point of the article seems to be that CPython is a monopoly, which is not true:, Python 2.7 is still supported and it looks like it will be for a long time.

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