Informative post on open source licenses with network protections. Author decided EUPL is the right answer for him. I had never heard of EUPL before.

First comment in HN discussion not so sold on EUPL's network protection:


honestly, none of this person's complaints about the (A)GPL sound valid

"they're too long"
and basically the most clear licenses because of that

"i can't change them"
that prevents anyone having to dig through *two* "overly long" licenses to find the differences

"they define the word freedom"
is that better than *not* defining their exact goals?

"this reads like a manifesto against commercial software"
if you knew the depths of microsoft's patent war you'd want one.

the two things I can agree on are

- we shouldn't necessarily let any one organisation like the FSF or OSI become "The" authority on FOSS or dictate its future

- explanations / translations of a license are incredibly important

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