Moderation does not need to be centralized. That video I just boosted meshes with what I wrote earlier on the topic:

@teleclimber centralized moderation is a proven failure and is just getting worse over time. I like how decentralized platforms like Mastodon are in effect like submarines - you can isolate the broken parts (eg Gab) rather than letting every compartments get flooded.

Personal opinion of a Facebooker who personally would use its products only under duress

@teleclimber systems like this are unfortunately very vulnerable to simple block evasion by making new accounts. So you either have to impose a cost on making accounts or tie accounts to real identities, neither of which is ideal.

I'm still very interested in lines of thought like these, though, especially as an overworked moderator.

@thufie my thinking is that accounts can be free to create, but be worthless at first. Basically to reach anybody on the platform you have to build up and maintain a reputation for being decent. Somebody who burns their rep has to start all over.

@teleclimber with what are you weighing reputation? reputationcoin?

idk, I'm skeptical. sounds like the thing webber was working on.

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