Hello! 👋

Introducing Dropserver, an application platform for your personal web services.

Basically: same big idea as Sandstorm (make self-hosting web services easy and safe), but different approach and tech stack.

This is my first time putting it out there after ...lots of work. Sorry the site is a bit wordy, and probably not that clear. LMK if there is something I can explain better.

Note everything is super early-stage, despite the time spent on it 😅

@teleclimber Interesting idea, it reminds me a bit of hubzilla, though that has some UI issues.

@tokudan Thanks. Yes Hubzilla is interesting. I've been intrigued by the Zot protocol. But for Dropserver I'm keeping things basic.

@teleclimber Nice project! I've read through the design document and tried to give it a try. Here are some first impressions:

* The webpage and the code/release is not very "user centric". The webpage is full of words you only understand if you are a developer/devop.

* The release should be run out of the box. I did not get the binary running right away. Some sample config would be nice.

* It is not clear what's the difference between ds-host and ds-dev.

* Your project aims to be used by non-technical people, but the website says "Build for Developers". This IMHO needs to be separated to attract on-techy people.

* Why are you hosting this "small/indie web" project on a git repo from a mega corp?

* The concepts behind are well thought. But could not find any API specification.

* A sample Appspace would be nice to see how things are connected together.

I would love to code some Appspaces for it!


I really don't intend to attract non-techy people at this stage. There is only one app for DS. One. So there is just no point. It's devs that I am interested in connecting with right now.

As for Github: Yeah it's uncomfortable, but pretty much all devs know and understand GH and I need all the help I can get getting visibility. But yeah, I know.

API specs are needed of course.

Check the Leftovers app as an example:

@f Hi, thanks for trying to give it a try. I'm sorry you had trouble, there is lots I need to do to make things smoother.

At this stage I only expect devs and highly adventurous technical users to even try to run Dropserver. What the site says about being user-friendly is aspirational. I should make that more clear to set expectations right.

Did you see the Installing and Running section of the Readme? There are sample configs there for ds-host.

@teleclimber Did not recognized the readme. I just jumped right into the released binaries. I will have a closer look this evening.

@f Ha.

Let me know how you get on and just know things are very early and there is a long road ahead... 😅

@teleclimber With this in mind, everything makes sense now :) Will get into it later.


From your site "A Deno user can run untrusted code while limiting what that code can do."

The technically interesting part of Sandstorm is that it uses an OCAP model. Is this part essentially saying that you use a sandbox/permission model instead?

This looks exciting, the internet needs more of this!:)

Very cool! One follow-up question I have: does it also do https?

I've been playing a bit with deno lately and I'm really excited this leverages it :)

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