Did a search on here for "firecracker" (the microVM) and found one result:


A thread from 2019 (that I even participated in) about the challenges of sandboxing.

I spent the morning researching the tech I might use to run a hosted version of Dropserver, and this is a reminder that it's not going to be easy.


I looked for commercial solutions but came up short. Lots of FaaS options but they aren't a good match for the way Dropserver uses the sandbox (FaaS have time limits, respond to a single request).

Lots to love about Firecracker VMs, in particular the snapshot and very fast restore is ideal for Dropserver.

What I need is "Firecracker VMs as a Service". This probably exists, but not under this description.

Julia Evans asked exactly this question over at Birdsite back in January 2021:


"are there any cloud providers that have an API for starting a Firecracker VM?"

And one interesting lead from the Fly.io people:


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