alright, sorry. I've been kinda negative about some stuff recently, and I want to take a step back:

What technological/social projects are you very excited about that achieve decentralization/distance from the current exploitative systems *without* blockchain?


@zkat πŸ‘‹ I'm building Dropserver, an application server/platform for hosting personal web services.

No blockchains or anything web3, just an attempt to give users control over the code that they interact with on the internet, without throwing the whole client-server model out the window.

(It's still very new and far from generally usable)

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@teleclimber No blockchain? How will this solve our world's most pressing needs without that? Looks at Bitcoin's energy usage... oh wait.

@teleclimber @zkat what's good about the client-server model?
what's bad about blockchain?

@teleclimber I know you mentioned Javascript only, but if there's ever any way to slip Owncast into the mix, it's a good fit for self-hosting live streams.

@teleclimber from what I can tell, it's JavaScript only for deno to encapsulate the app... I'm curious (and maybe this is a terrible idea) if it'd be possible to wrap owncast in deno and serve it that way through dropserver?

@tychi @gabek Terrible ideas can lead to interesting results! If you can compile OC to WASM then there is a chance.

As a general rule, making projects WASM-friendly nowadays is a good idea. Lots of platforms are being developed to run WASM code, so it opens up options. Just my .02.

@gabek Owncast looks amazing. Huge props πŸ™Œ !

Right now whatever you want to run on Dropserver has to run on Deno at a minimum. One potential solution is WASM, which of course Deno can run. Don't know if you looked at compiling oc to WASM?

Another factor is that user auth is handled by Dropserver, so whatever you have baked in for that would need rearranging.

Have you found that self-hosting is a big barrier to adoption for OC?


@teleclimber oh I get it. I was thinking it was more like YunoHost where applications get installed and there's a frontend for auth and administration, my bad!

As for self-hosting, people seem to like that aspect of it. Since the people who don't want to host their own things are already using other services. So focusing on empowering those who want it makes people happy.

ha, I'm not self-hosting anything and have no time to deal with it, either -- but I love self-hostable stuff because it gives me a chance to find someone else who's hosting it, or even pay someone (currently paying for BBB and e-mail from small-time providers).

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