@teleclimber interoperation between multiple independent implementations could be another criterion for software that will stand the test of time.

@underlap @teleclimber I'd love a real native Zulip client instead of keeping a browser tab open all the time.

@be @underlap @teleclimber yeah I am really enjoying Zulip a little thing I am missing is further integration with existing messaging standards. Was there any proper reason to not use XMPP below?
Not sure on how handy the email integration is.
ActivityPub could probably be handled via bots.
There is a grand issue with discussion about this: github.com/zulip/zulip/issues/

@janek @underlap @teleclimber I don't think cramming Zulip into other communication protocols is a good idea. I just want a nice native (not Electron) client that lets me easily participate in multiple Zulip servers.

@be @janek @teleclimber Another option would be to specify and/or standardise Zulip's protocol (I assume this hasn't already been done!) and then develop independent implementations of clients and/or servers.

@teleclimber reminds me a little bit of the OwnCloud/NextCloud story where they learned the hard way the dangers of venture capital

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