Finally wrote up my thoughts on this whole "nobody wants to run a server from home":

Post doesn't cover everything but it comes down to this: there has to be a need, the UX has to be excellent for end-users, and it has to work well.

Not easy! Not impossible either.

@teleclimber i've been using @cloudron since last year and it's the closest thing i've seen to 'self-hosting in a few clicks'.

trying to promote this more generally with

@rosano @cloudron cloudron looks good but did I miss something or is it not open source? is nice. I like that I can look for an app then see how to host it.

Btw installing server apps via an interface is exactly what my project is about! (Though via a different approach than cloudron and the others) 👍

@teleclimber @cloudron huh, i thought they were, but seems like it's source-available

i was checking out dropserver, looking forward to trying it out when you have some apps available. why not fork yunohost or caprover? (well that would be complicated i guess…)

@rosano @cloudron i think I'm a clean sheet design kind of person. But also it's a different approach from those, so it's more natural to start fresh.

With dropserver I'd like to see people build lots of tiny apps, and have others fork and adapt them. The other projects seem to focus on hosting rather massive existing projects.

I think there is a whole world of small personal web services that is untapped.

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