OK I was able to prove to myself that I can write a dropserver.org app that returns the results of a search query for a static website in under 50 lines of code (actual "search" done by lunr.js module).

To really demo this I'll create a search backend for my personal site and maybe for dropserver.org as well.

But for that I need to build out a couple features in the Dropserver platform:
- permissions to allow outbound network requests
- auth via JWS or token


Here's how a Dropserver app for searching a static site could work:

- a route behind token auth that Netlify (or whatever builds your site) calls after a new version of site is deployed
- after that route is called, app fetches the content json and generates an index, which gets stored in appspace data dir.
- a public search endpoint that leverages the index to return search results
- private route(s) for the appspace owner where get/set the url of the content json, and last fetch date


Some notes on search libraries for dropserver after spending a few minutes looking into it:

- lunr.js was the old go-to but seems no longer supported. Was awkward to use in Deno especially in TS file.
- Stork looks intriguing: stork-search.net/ but have not tried. WASM indicates should run fine. Currently being worked on.
- I'd also try loading the content into a sqlite DB and use the FTS5 module. Big advantage is not needing to load entire index in memory to search (I think?)



Oh there is also fuse.js for which there is a Deno package already:


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