Wow this is some vested interest bullshit: we need to push back hard against these jackasses.

@lightweight Canon.

I'm not even impressed with the printers they make... (or was that another brand? I don't keep track of printer companies, they're basically all terrible) Lack of IETF/USB standards support & DRM'd ink. Can't we have a printer that just works without needing drivers?

@alcinnz @lightweight "Can't we have a printer that just works without needing drivers?"

Yes, it's called a PostScript printer. At worst, you need a PPD file. But most people don't buy PostScript printers, because the up-front cost is higher. And if they do buy a PostScript printer, it usually comes with a disc of adware that pretends to be essential driver software, to persuade them to install it.

@mathew @alcinnz @lightweight For B&W, I can recommend:

A little more expensive, yes. But factor in ink costs plus expected service life of a non-disposable office item. You'll probably come out way ahead--we certainly have.


@vandys @mathew @alcinnz @lightweight same. We've been happy with our brother printer. Previously all ink jets clogged and were generally a pain because we didn't use it often enough. The laser printer can sit for weeks or maybe even months then print out perfectly on the first try. No head cleaning bs or anything.

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