Reorganizing and sprucing up the site and OMG there is an icon literally called "move-shit-around" on the icons8 website.

Def using that for the "No Lock-In" section πŸ˜‚

Apparently when you declare icons in a PWA manifest, they get fetched without cookies. This is true even if the manifest itself is fetched with crossorigin="use-credentials" (which sends cookies).

Result is for a Dropserver app to be a PWA, it is forced to have some public routes, just to serve these icons.

See screenshot of Leftovers app routes (this is from ds-dev interface). That yellow "public" is so frustrating 😞

I mention Coke in a toot and then switch to bird site ten minutes later and the very first ad is for... Coke.

I'm using tusky on Android. Surely it's not @Tusky so it must be the keyboard?


Birdsite messing with things again. They had chronological timeline as an option, but now they will switch you back to "best tweets first" if you have your back turned for a moment. Nice. 😠

My js error reporting went silent on my saas a year ago. I just re-enabled it (updated snip) and now that the first error has arrived I remember why I didn't much care that it went silent:

Yes, I totally installed Ghostery so that I could get popover ads from them. That was totally the idea.

Google's genius ai has figured out I am interested in mountain bikes so it shows me this article from 2017. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Google does "helpful" word association with your search queries.

And like many AI-type things, sometimes it's useful, and sometimes it's just stupid and annoying.

Here is a search for "Express js performance measurement". First five results are not about Express at all. πŸ˜–

Compare with DuckDuckGo in the second image.

Beautiful day for a paddle last night.

The still water was disrupted only once, though it was a four-barge load of coal.

Nice day for a paddle on the Cumberland. Had to wait for a small storm to pass, but then it cleared. Was a bit dark when I got back to the ramp 😬

I don't know if I have any followers who are into CSS on here, but I made this little shape-outside playground in Vue.

It's fun to play with can help you grok shape-outside.

Boosts appreciated!

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