So apparently that project that was supposed to replace the discovery aspect of Medium for people who like to own their content now redirects to a video conference thingamabob.


It was at

@greenjon roundcube would be your client. Your server would be something else.

@bremner thanks for putting me on the right track. Looks like dovecot has FTS plugins, including one based on Xapian. That might work for me. Not much of a check-my-mail-in-emacs kind of guy. 😁

@bremner thanks for putting me on the right track. Looks like dovecot has FTS plugins, including one based on Xapian. That might work for me. Not much of a check-my-mail-in-emacs kind of guy. 😁

Thinking about dropping Gmail, but it's killer feature is its excellent search capabilities. Looking at OSS solutions, none seem to have search that even comes close.

I can usually dig up a several year old email in a few seconds, including time to fiddle with the query to get what I'm looking for (so multiple searches completed in, like, 5 seconds.) That's hard to beat .

RT @PavelASamsonov

All enterprise software competes with Excel.

All productivity software competes with emailing things to yourself.


@revkellyn @slackz a cousin of this stack is Prometheus + Grafana. You can now also add Loki to injest all your logs and guys them alongside your metrics (currently in alpha)

Many people don't know you can copy/share nearly anything in the Android overview window, even if the text isn't selectable in the app

SEO is remarkably good at drowning out dissent. I can write "Customer Success is Bullshit" or "I don't want to be in Customer Success anymore", and can instead find pages and pages of thinkpieces praising the concept of Customer Success in SaaS companies.

I mention Coke in a toot and then switch to bird site ten minutes later and the very first ad is for... Coke.

I'm using tusky on Android. Surely it's not @Tusky so it must be the keyboard?


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@GoatsLive @mattlaff @switchingsocial any issues from non technical people using signal? I want to move my family off WhatsApp.


I hear that a lot. I think that, as decentralizing technology spreads, we'll run into hurdles related to ISPs and telecoms. These hurdles will even be unique to each user's provider and home country/region.

Figuring out how to solve these problems is a step in the #DecentralizeTheWeb movement. Some solutions may be technical, and some may be political. But we'll have to figure it out together.

I'm an optimist, so I'll keep pushing forward.

-Danny at the FreedomBox Foundation

electron will win if there isn't something as easy as HTML to use that doesn't depend on a browser engine

@feoh @vertigo I agree that software is inherently volatile. In civil engineering there aren't too many layers above physical and chemical limitations, and we've explored those layers for thousands of years.

In software the foundations for building your software is more software. To some extent, physical limitations offer constraints, but mostly the constraints are mathematical and the potential variations inside those constraints are mindboggling.

Part of the reason we get anything done in software at all, is that we apply artificial restraints, mostly caused by arbitrary historical happenstance, and don't explore and change those foundations every time we build something new.

Sometimes brave souls do explore and recreate parts of the foundations, and then the whole craft needs to be re-evaluated again.

@mike Which is weird since you can find most podcasts by typing "<title> podcast" into your favorite search engine.

All other decentralized things would benefit greatly from some kind of searchable recommendation sharing thingy ala

@freakazoid @mike so true. I think about that a lot, a "decentralized"

Is anybody working on such a thing?

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