So a work colleague sent out an invite over Google Calendar to a videoconference hosted on our company Jitsi server yesterday, and because Google is "smart" they decided to add prominent links to *its own service* to the in more prominent than the actual link to our Jitsi server that we were using. It did so without asking permission or prior warning.

After the customer sat in an empty Google meeting for 10 minutes we phoned directly to direct him to the proper meeting...

What features or aspects of Mastodon do you like the most, and what do you like the least?

Re our discussion from yesterday.
From Nathaniel Tapley:
"It's only tear gas if it comes from the Têar region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling white supremacy."

Blogged: The Crew Dragon Launch and NASA's G-IIIs.

This is personal experience in aerospace and lesser-known NASA stuff.

@jbauer Thanks for this writeup. What do these projects use under the hood, usually? Do they remiplement git (surely not?), or use libgit2? Or the original git? Thanks.

@clacke @Valenoern I wrote more on Sandstorm since:

And yes I am learning as much as I can from that project.

I don't think Sandstorm is very trusting of deployed code at all! That's their strong point IMO.

"Our Web Versus Search Engines" where I get a little ranty about Google's core competence and its effect on the web.

@yarmo Same here. got me unstuck, now it's up to me to keep it going.

Day 30 of the #100DaysToOffload series:

I feel like I got a little bit preachy in this one, but it's something I'm passionate about. I think it's time to go back to the Internet the way it used to be.

@yarmo The hashtag doesn't matter in the end. I hope you keep posting at the rate and depth that you want. I have also significantly cut back on my posting rate with the idea of going in more depth.

TIL The Apollo 10 mission load-out was not QUITE the same as the Apollo 11 load-out.

They intentionally under-fueled the LEM because there was concern that if it was fully fueled, the astronauts might disobey orders and go to the moon.

Imagine that.

I want to live in that timeline.

Spotify is buying up all the popular podcasts and removing them from the commons in order to drive you to their platform.

Podcasts have somehow stayed open access, built on standards, and just (mostly) work. Moving them to a proprietary platform just so a few people (ie: not you) can make money is bad for everyone who isn't making money. (ie: you.)

@gray I did not know about this, thanks. Old school CMD just hurt me, so I got just enough into powershell to function on my Windows laptop. Knowing there is something else coming is good to hear.

@g Yeah I generally don't pay attention to people who get all their attention from saying to others what they should be doing.

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