I'm realizing I like (modern) JS as a language when I write it. But I don't like reading other people's JS because there are too many ways of doing things.

Go is very opinionated on style and frankly it's refreshing.

@vfrmedia @bob @cwebber SpaceX Starlink might change that equation, though they don't plan on connecting directly to handsets:

"Starlink satellites would orbit at 1/30 to 1/105 of geostationary orbits, and thus offer more practical latencies of around 7 to 30 ms, comparable to or exceeding existing cable or fiber networks"


No, @Matomo (previously Piwik) doesn’t give two shits about privacy; releases tag manager product, hints at first-party tag manager integration of third-party trackers as method for circumventing tracker blockers.


#SurveillanceCapitalism #Matomo #Piwik

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@hirojin @wdtz You don't need a reduced set of JS for this. EcmaScript itself is largely side-effect free. It's the APIs like nodejs, Electron, and to a lesser extent the browser APIs that cause big head-aches.

I don't know anything about polkit but presumably they didn't shove an electron runtime in there.

#lowtech magazine's recent article on rethinking the concept of energy security is apparently repeatedly being removed from from facebook because it considers the article fake news in relation to 'US politics or issues of national importance'.


Here's a link to the entire article:

@xj9 @brainblasted agree with this (of dat or ipfs) but I think we may still see these banners then (in some form at least). Nodes that take it upon themselves to pin the items nobody else does will want some help too.

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@HerraBRE yes same here. There was a lot of activity during the summer but now it's stalled a bit. I suppose that happens , but I hope they are not stuck on a fundamental or something.

I always tell people about it when I get half a chance because the more people we have asking tc39 to do this the better!

"And if no one can imagine doing social networking better than Facebook, remember that no one dreamed that the personal computer, once little more than a toy for hobbyists, would displace the mighty mainframe."

Maybe the personal server #FreedomBox can replace the mighty centralized servers of major platforms too.🤔

What do you think?


@dosch @freedomboxfndn My Mac, my Windows laptop, my android phone all work fine with minimal maintenance on my part (apart from the occasional update reboot) and they run like clockwork (almost).

We need to find a way to make server OS and software stack as reliable and maintenance-free as that.

It's doable, it's just that all server software is expected to be babied by dedicated sysadmins, and their neediness is a reflection of that.

(Not knocking FreedomBox, I have never tried it)

a sincere heartfelt thankyou (and condolences) to the admins of all masto instances. it sounds like it's a brand new hell every day

Hello! I am at the decentralised Web meet-up at the #internetarchive, whose HQ is a GIANT CHURCH with pews and servers. I'm going to live-toot it until my battery runs out! eventbrite.com/e/decentralized

If you are smart enough to know someone is pregnant you are smart enough to work out when it hasn't gone well. Do better, tech.
RT @gbrockell@twitter.com An open letter to @Facebook@twitter.com, @Twitter@twitter.com, @Instagram@twitter.com and @Experian@twitter.com regarding algorithms and my son's birth:

🐦🔗: twitter.com/gbrockell/status/1


>The browser doesn't protect JS libraries from each-other.

There is a TC39 proposal for realms, which is meant to allow proper sandboxing at the language level.


If you think that releasing open source software puts you above criticism because the critic can always fix it themselves, do the world a favor and shut your project down.

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