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WordPress comment spam has always been a headache, but recently one of my blog posts got this warning from Chrome, so I had to go in and do a huge spam purge. Starting to wonder if I should just disable pingbacks or comments entirely.

After some thinking about the current state of social media and mass email lists, RSS came to mind, and it's actually a much better alternative for privacy.

No data collection, no feed manipulation, no email newsletters.

#rss #technology #privacy

"Vue 3.0 Updates" by Evan You (slides)

Interesting stuff coming in Vue 3.0, especially perf-wise. All the static hoisting reminds me of something the Ember folks said about the "principle of least power." Templates can be super-optimized because the compiler knows what's static and what's not. Not necessarily the case with JSX and render functions that are "just JS."

The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

@nolan i'm increasingly convinced that "scale", the magic sauce all the startups crave, is actually the antithesis of a healthy network. getting big is deadly. things either collapse in on themselves or mutate, becoming twisted and pathological. i think only small structures can remain humane, ultimately

"I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It." by Kevin Alexander

This is fascinating. The internet has so much power to concentrate attention, but being the focus of attention isn't always a good thing, as in the case of restaurants.

Oh. So, #Mastodon "direct messages" are public on any other #ActivityPub network (at least, Osada, Friendica). :think_bread: I should stop comparing them to macroblogging Fediverse "limited" posts then. Those are not public, normally.

@baldur the fact you need a new identity for each application you use to post to the fediverse is a bit of a flaw in the system. We should be able to carry our identity to each app we use.

Theory: Open source software is terrible to use because design can't be parceled apart like development can. Design has to be holistic and design by committee results in awful stuff. #foss

"A good rule of thumb when it comes to internet-connected toys is not to buy them."

Mozilla Makes a Naughty List of Gifts That Aren't Secure

Are they any discussion going on about implementing #GPG for the #fediverse ? Could it be done ?

As of now, the admin can read our DMs, but maybe we could have a solution to that ?

#infosec #askmasto :pacmaninky:

Wasn’t allowed to ask the question so tweeted it instead (Twitter has its uses sometimes):

Facebook just presented a keynote titled Privacy at Facebook at #NordicPrivacyArena.

Here’s the question I would have asked if I had been allowed to: “Privacy at Facebook is an oxymoron; it is a contradiction of terms. Facebook’s business model is based on violating privacy…”

RT “Good guy with a gun” security guard apprehends a shooter and is keeping him prone using his weapon. Police show up, see an armed black man and shoot him dead over the protests of onlookers.

A reminder that the 2nd Amendment is only for white people.


yes, we are both interested in nomadic identity, but his vision involves a security calculus where the entire network is trusted, and there are complicated proofs to demonstrate trust and so on. for some, this is appropriate, I suppose. those people also tend to not share their most personal feelings and thoughts.

however, the work i am doing with litepub, with security in pleroma, etc, is built on a security calculus where the entire network is untrusted. this is, in my opinion, the correct security calculus for the fediverse both because it matches present reality and also because it leads to making the right decisions for the users who depend on the software.

Finally got around to watching this video with Jaron Lanier about facebook and social media. Well worth it.

I didn't know negative emotions took precedence over positive ones because we react more quickly to them and therefore the algorithms pick up on them more easily.

I recently logged into Facebook to say happy anniversary to my wife publicly (she is a heavy FB user) and I have to tell you that that site (and app) is a mess now. It's become some terrible, Dilbert-esque joke about UX design come to life. Nothing is in any meaningful order, basically no one saw my post because I don't participate much, and therefore my posts have a low score, and so on.

My mail lady comes in worse weather to pay respects to my recycling bin.
Some perspective on President Trump canceling his projected visit to the (spectacular, not-to-be-missed) Aisne-Marne memorial and cemetery:

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