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Found out about pine64 single board computers and laptops, and soon phones. Very exciting stuff. I would love to see OSS and Linux be the go-to for low cost alternatives to insanely priced phones and even laptops. And for phones the privacy aspect is huge.

We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... 

The web browser situation isn't sustainable for free software. the web standards committee needs to dial down the complexity of the specs so that they can be independently implemented

I'm experimenting with creating containers from scratch (in ) and I'm struggling some.

Right now my road block is trying to create a user namespace of length greater than one. Can't get it to work.

Anybody on here knowledgeable and willing to lend me a hand? Thanks.

My issue:

I've only used Consumer Reports a bit so far, but I can say that their website is easy to navigate and their buying guides are no-nonsense and straightforward. Their car-buying guide, for instance, goes into detail about tradeoffs in reliability, comfort, price, and safety, and they run independent tests to verify things. Their guide to air conditioners gives advice like "Don't trust the manufacturers who say the portable models work well; our tests show they don't."

I published a new article. Today it's about #WKD #OpenPGP and key discovery. It's split into a part that explains what the current methods are to recieve a public key of someone else and how WKD comes in here, followed by a hands-on part on how to setup WKD for your domain. Hope you enjoy 😉

#keymanagement #GnuPG #website

Dear #fediverse. I work as an #architect and design buildings that harm the planet. I am looking for a practicing #engineer who can teach me building energy modelling using #opensource tools. I have a background in software dev, run #gentoo #linux and am willing to learn down to the details.

I do not have a background in heat transfer or thermodynamics, which is why I am asking for a tutor.

I promise to use this to design better buildings.

Please help retoot this so I can find someone.

Linux and usability for the average person 

Using to manipulate LXD containers 👍

So glad I took the plunge on Go.

Birdsite messing with things again. They had chronological timeline as an option, but now they will switch you back to "best tweets first" if you have your back turned for a moment. Nice. 😠

My js error reporting went silent on my saas a year ago. I just re-enabled it (updated snip) and now that the first error has arrived I remember why I didn't much care that it went silent:

@baldur I respectfully disagree. After studying the 2.1 spec I have found it to be the most confusing hodgepodge of concepts that are layered on top of each other.

The new stuff is better thought out but their refusal to version CSS means the early mistakes will be with us forever. We can't move on.

In JS at least they used "use strict" to move the language forwards. That was clever. I wish css would do the same.

Did anybody ever play with the parallela manycore boards?

You can buy 16 core (+2 normie cores) boards pretty cheap.

They had 64 core boards for sale at one point, and they developed 1024 core board too, but I don't think it ever went on sale.

I'm dreamy for manycore processors, where each core is simple (relatively speaking) and we have a software stack that can leverage numerous cores for any and all programs.

This page on VM side channel attack mitigations is scary:

Using the Linux KVM API seems easy enough, but we have all this hidden danger now.

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