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Got a new Bluetooth trackball. Installing on both my computers:

- windows 10 laptop: 10 seconds tops to install.
- 2017 Apple iMac: I'll tell you later tonight if I ever get it to connect, maybe.

I want to create an app of some sort for this style of journal. My thoughts only make sense when ordered by time, so all hierarchical note taking apps always fail for me.

Like where does a link about go as it applies to one project live? The "go lang" folder or the project folder. And I sure as heck don't want to think about that when I write the note.

Give me a time series of my notes and a good search function with tags.

I keep a dev journal as I work. It's mostly there to help me come back to things like "why did I think x?" "How did I conclude that this was the way to go?"

Also queries like "how long have I been on this problem?"

And on the positive side: "wow last month I had not even started x!"

Started keeping a journal this week of all the stuff I've been working on. I wonder if I should publish it?

Just keeping it for myself but it occurs to me that it might be nice for people to get more insight on what they're paying for when they donate to my work or buy a sourcehut subscription.

Sample attached

from my blog: "Why I'm running a personal URL shortening service"

if you switch from NordVPN to something else, make sure it's not Private Internet Access, which is owned by the people who likely stole all the money from mt. gox

I give GNOME a lot of shit but they don't deserve to be targetted by patent trolls. Support them here:

@loke @djsumdog I've never read Atlas Shrugged and I don't intend to any time soon.

So, uh. You know Invidious, the privacy-focused front end for YouTube?

Someone made the same thing except it's for Twitter. And it has RSS support.

"<video> tag doesn't play in iOS Safari unless you add type="*" for some reason" is a good example of where web development is still not fun

In one word, how would you describe the typical mood on Mastodon? 

- long time might go by before you do
- having different parts of your code on different generations is a huge barrier to making sweeping changes when you do need to do that.
- want to evolve again? Congrats you now have 3 generations in one codebase.

Lesson: take the time to go back and migrate the whole codebase soon after you have a new arch that you like.

One thing I'm learning about writing and maintaining a codebase that is now 12 years old is that it is a mistake to evolve one part of it to a new paradigm/architecture/framework/whatever and tell yourself you'll migrate the rest of it later, when you have to work on that part anyways.


I deleted my Facebook-account years ago, but my latest job (not tech related) uses Facebook for communication.

I created a new account, I have no photos of me there and I share nothing, no posts or anything.

A few days ago they suspended my account for no reason at all and required me to upload an ID of me. I ended up creating a new account days later.

Even though I have nothing of value there I have never felt so powerless. It made me appreciate the ethical fediverse even more.


Has anyone done something like this with @nextcloud?

Mounting the main file storage from a USB drive connected to a Pi at home, but running the Nextcloud instance on a remote cloud server (hopefully there's some file caching going on, at least for thumbnails, so that recent pictures remain viewable even if the Pi goes down temporarily, and other data like contacts or calendars should be on the server itself).

Doable? Any caveats?

What year did you first get the internet?

People who've done FOSS/self-hosted home automation, what system(s) did you use and how well does your setup work?

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