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I found some old pics of cool airplanes and made it a blog post..

"Mojave Planes From My XCOR Cubicle (Circa 2003)"

Aw crap. I much prefer cooking on gas stoves. Going to be using the vent more after reading this.

Gas stoves making indoor air up to five times dirtier than outdoor air, report finds

Hello from #UbuntuTouch on #PinePhone

Latest image is very usable IMO.

WiFi :greentick:

Notifications/Ringing :greentick:

Phone Calls :greentick:

AMS :greentick:

Time correct :greentick:

call audio seems much improved.

all that I'm missing to make this daily driver is XMPP client. gonna see if I can find one that works.

very excited. :ablobsmilehappy: :kirbyhappy: :happykitty:

lets see how the battery goes.

Urgh seeing some of the REALLY cool things people with @write_as blogs can do when it comes to the fediverse is really making me consider moving from WordPress.

Such as this:

and this:

But I've put soooooo much work into my website...

Started the challenge. It's going to be ... interesting.

Thanks to @kev for putting this particular style of self-agony together.

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