I extracted my server's mending nerfing functionality into a standalone /#Spigot plugin just now: github.com/Minebench/MendingNe

Also all other plugins for and -based servers like and have been updated too and are now at version 1.8.2!
See all changes on the GitHub release: github.com/Phoenix616/Resource

I just released the version of my resourcepacks plugins on the velocitypowered.com forums. If you use Velocity then check it out and maybe leave a like! ;) forums.velocitypowered.com/t/v

I just wrote a simple invite script to automatically redirect to those anonymous invite links that the server widget uses: anonvite.moep.tv 👀

I just wrote an extremely simple, in-memory Vault Economy plugin for easy testing of Plugins: github.com/Phoenix616/FakeEcon


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