My newest project is a plugin for the Velocity proxy which is able to load and run plugins! Check it out and test it here:

Check out my new update tool if you always found it cumbersome to have to remember where you got your plugins from or want to update them all at once (I still suggest testing ;))

I extracted my server's mending nerfing functionality into a standalone /#Spigot plugin just now:

Also all other plugins for and -based servers like and have been updated too and are now at version 1.8.2!
See all changes on the GitHub release:

I just released the version of my resourcepacks plugins on the forums. If you use Velocity then check it out and maybe leave a like! ;)

I just wrote a simple invite script to automatically redirect to those anonymous invite links that the server widget uses: 👀

I just wrote an extremely simple, in-memory Vault Economy plugin for easy testing of Plugins:


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