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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @theartshole - Wonderful art history videos with a dry sense of humour

🌟 @hexdsl - Video blogger who chats about tech stuff, FOSS and video games

🌟 @merle - French musician creating modern folk and electronica (in French)

🌟 @the_white_wolf - Let's play videos and an official mirror of the Igor's Lab PC tech channel (in German)

The White Wolf is a German-language video account that features "Let's Plays" of popular PC games, and is also an official mirror of the Igor's Lab PC tech channel. You can follow at:

➡️ @the_white_wolf (in German)

If the videos aren't visible on your instance yet, you can see all of them at

#TheWhiteWolf #Gaming #Games #PCGames #PCGaming #Technology #Tech #Computing #Videos #Hardware #PC #PCHardware #IgorsLab #Deutsch #AufDeutsch #German #GermanLanguage

Kennt irgendwer noch #peertube Instanzen mit sinnvollen Inhalten?!?

FediFollows has been on the #Fediverse for one year! 🎉 🎂

A huge thank you to everyone who suggested accounts so far, and to the accounts themselves 👏

Hand-curated directories are often seen as old-fashioned, but I think they have a role in getting people started on new decentralised social media.

FediFollows currently has 2.3K followers across a wide range of instances, so even people who don't follow me are more likely to see these interesting accounts in their hashtag searches.

Go Fedi!

🎉 PeerTube 3.2 has just been released! 🥳

It includes many UX improvements, better download/upload management, and more.


A first beta version of Briar 1.3 featuring image support and disappearing messages was released and is looking for testers.
Direct download:

We're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 4.2 !

Thanks to all the contributors and testers ! 💗

- 🌻 Rewrite of the webadmin using VueJs
- 3️⃣ Finally moving to Python 3 😅, paving the way to Bullseye
- 🃏 More sensible update strategy for dyndns domains (, etc.)
- 🔑 SFTP and SSH permissions
- 🚑 Many improvements on backups
- 📦 Around 35 new apps since January !

More info in the release note on the forum:

Wir haben Empfehlungen zur Absicherung von Windows 10 veröffentlicht. 💻🛡 Die Konfigurationseinstellungen finden Sie bei uns als direkt in Windows importierbare Gruppenrichtlinienobjekte (GPO) zum Download. 👉 #SiSyPHuS #Win10 #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI


Quick info: I'm still looking for good german creators for my Peertube instance

My instance is actively moderated and i want to basically the same as @tilvids but for german content.

So if you make german videos, i would be happy to see you on my instance.
To all others: Please boost! :)

#Sicherheit ist nicht nur Schutz gegen #Hacker und Viren sondern auch andere Arten von Ausfällen und Einschränkungen. Deshalb gibt es zum #Youtube Channel jetzt zusätzlich als #Video Plattform.

#peertube #alternative #redundanz

Hallo liebe Timeline,

da ich den Eindruck habe, dass sich gerade die allgemeine Einsamkeit wieder mächtig breit macht, habe ich hier ein Angebot für euch:

Morgen ab 21:12 Uhr ist der folgende BBB- Raum offen für alle, die einfach mal quatschen wollen. Ob mit Kamera oder nicht, ist ganz egal. Telefoneinwahl ist auch möglich.

Nicht wundern, ich habe den Raum so eingestellt, dass ihr erst bestätigt werden müsst, bevor ihr den Raum betreten könnt. Trollvorsorge.

In einer kleinen Serie auf meinem #Datenschutzkanal „es geht um Deine Daten“ befasse ich mich mit dem Einsatz von Microsoft Software in Schulen. Dazu habe ich habe gerade mein neustes Video veröffentlicht.
Es geht darum, wie die Schule auf meine Anfrage reagierte und was ich darauf hin weiter getan habe.

I stumbled accross, a #peertube instance with awful freeze-peach energy and which hosts far right content.

according to their about page, they are not "interested in censoring you for political or philosophical views"

and they "champion free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online."

So, I'm blocking them on my instances, I recommend doing the same to fellow fediverse admins, I don't know if this is enough for @PeerTube_Isolation though


Please remember that @PeerTube_Isolation is something we really need to keep peertube away from far right speech. Peertube isolation provides us with a blocklist you can add to your peertube instance to automatically block reported instances. This account also provides the reason why an instance was added to the list, and you can contact it in case you find a server promoting far right speech.
Be aware that I'm not the one maintening this account.

Peertube moderation, more of the same 

The openly fascist instance just reported (oursocialism. today) is part of the group "fight big tech. See :

All instances of this group are considered unsafe.

Therefore I'm adding theses two instances to the list

- thecitizen. icu
- ourchristian .icu

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