don't forget you take your daily dose of vitamin c

"more tornados have been reported in the last 100 years"

what about tornado frequency density

should i finish and release my BASIC interpreter written in Rust


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Trans people shouldn't *have* to be brave.

Trans people shouldn't *have* to be radical.

Making your entire existence a protest is *exhausting* for many, and not tenable for many more.

It should just okay to be trans.

But society is hostile to us, so I have no choice but to be radical about my own identity.

I would rather expend my energy on other problems, like helping others, rather than expending it on something that shouldn't be up for negotiation.

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Dear Mario,
Please come to the castle, I've baked spotted dick for you.
Yours Truly--
Princess Toadstool
:sm64_l: :sm64_i: :sm64_z: :sm64_z: :sm64_y:

i don't think joining a german instance was a smart move

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