Looks like @themakervan won't be getting a spot in the @munichmakerlab village at after all. So we'll need a solar panel or two, and some batteries to replace it for our DC . Anyone who could give us a hand here, or knows a place to get that stuff cheaply?

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@tiefpunkt some aliexpress shops ship their panels from poland, so that would still work in time.

@tiefpunkt yo! infuanfu village will also bring 4 panels (total 20A) and a battery. are there any plans for a larger-than-one-village microgrid? maybe not for this camp but in the future

@hadez well, not really plans yet, but @ln and @uint8_t are doing something at the /dev/lol village as well. Depending on the places we get, we can probably make something happen.

@tiefpunkt @ln @uint8_t let's definitely get together at some point during camp and have a chat then! :)

@hadez @ln @uint8_t 👍I see you also created a project page. Should we add all participating villages to that?

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