Beast version 0.13.0 is released.

Beast is an LGPLv2+ music synthesizer, composer and (Digital Audio Workstation).

It provides a , unlimited undo, real-time , support for Linux Plugins ( v1), Soundfont 2, WAV, AIFF, Vorbis, Gus Patch, FLAC and MP3 files, 32bit audio rendering, full duplex support, multi-core audio rendering and precise timing.

This release features a prebuilt binary (AppImage) for the first time.

@timj I've been annoyed by ardour, non, qtractor, and others. The only #DAW that I liked was reaper, but that's #nonfree ☹️
Sadly, it doesn't seem like beast will be my saviour either.

I'm working on a complete makeover of beast. The new UI is written with Vue, and lots of pieces of the synthesis core are also redone.
Basically, the current gtk interface is nothing I can seriously recommend for productivity to someone.
That's also why Beast is kept at 0.x versions, once the makeover becomes usable, we'll enter 1.0 realm and have something much closer to a than current Beast.

@timj Cool 🙂 I'll try to pay attention and looking forward to seeing it

@timj The simplicity and minimalism! Sorry but I can't remember details, but I was usually usually pleased to find what I was looking for at the place where I intuitively expected it to be. The gui was never slow, always responsive. It also had more advanced features when it was needed, but it didn't clutter regular usage.

I see. Though it's also non-free, do you have an opinion on bitwig?

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